YouTube Tricks: Linking Time and So Much More

Those who begin experimenting with free YouTube accounts, whether for personal or commercial purposes, are surprised to find a number of editing possibilities at their fingertips. At first, maneuvering one’s mouse across multiple editing pages and options can seem daunting, but with a bit of time and experience, the added features and annotations become priceless marketing and advertising tools.

Even if one YouTube use is entertainment based, unconnected to a business, it’s assumed they want their content to be intriguing to others. Therefore, here’s how to add technical and marketing ‘pep’ to a YouTube account and subsequent published videos.

Timing is an art form, recognized by salespeople and entertainers. YouTube publishers can also master the art of timing by editing when a viewer begins viewing a respective video.

Perhaps, rather than the starting seconds, one would like a given link to direct a viewer to a specific second or portion of a video. “Timing is everything” in some cases and here’s how to modify the timing of a YouTube video and associated link.

Add Later Begin Time

Let’s assume you want to insert a video link in an email to customers. However, the video is long, instructing viewers on how to use a new service. Rather than send the video to be viewed from the beginning, send it modified, starting at the most intriguing point of the video, hopefully attracting more sales and augmenting the respective message of the email.

Many YouTube videos do contain valuable content, but the channel operator also includes a lot of “fluff” at the beginning, hoping to build suspense.

Here’s how to edit when a video begins:

Add the following to the end of your video link

“#t=00m00s” – simply replace “00m” with the minute marker.

A link “” turns into

“” once we’ve added our time marker and modified the link to begin 5 minutes into the video.

Another, easier, way to accomplish this is to pull up the YouTube site and go to the video you want to share. Now, click on the “share” button below the video. There are number of options you have when sharing a video, but you’re interested in the direct URL (not the embed code and not the email code). Now, look to the right of the URL share option. There will be a small checkbox indicating that you want to start the video at a specific time.

Check this box. Next to that will be a time indicator. Adjust the time to the desired setting. Wait a second or two and the URL will change. Copy and paste this URL into wherever it is you wanted it to go. When people click on it, they will be taken to the specific time specified in the link you just generated.

Changing an Embedded Video

Similarly, publishers may find themselves desiring to edit the start time of a published video, embedded on a blog or company website. It’s easy to alter the start times in this instance too. Simply go into a page’s code, identifying where YouTube has inserted the default start time.

To highlight the word ‘start,’ within the code, use the ctrl + F function, highlighting the word on the page.

Then, change the start time in the code, save the changes, and reload the video page. You’ll notice that the video now starts at the desired time. This “hack” is particularly useful for “after-the-fact” realizations that a video isn’t performing quite like you think it should, or in situations where you want to run A-B split tests on the effectiveness of a particular start time for a video.

Freestyle Hacks

Keep note of Google suggested YouTube ‘hacks’ as well as those identified around the web by other YouTube users. For example, once upon a time, video publishers were able to ‘flip’ their videos upside down by tweaking the video’s code. However, YouTube (perhaps associated to an April Fool’s Day option) took away the possibility.

However, YouTube, since the hoax of years ago, has enabled the upside down and sideways option to publishers. Be sure to avoid hacks in violation of Google’s provided permission; remember, YouTube content is free to the public (providing a publisher has made a video public from the editing options). Those with YTD tools can download and watch content. Make sure you respect IP with video downloads.

Timing is essential in making a message more impactful and memorable. Comics, presenters, and businesspeople use timing in multiple situations to stir emotion and advocacy. Use the above information to do more with your videos.

Scott Barlow is obsessed with videos. After years of creating and sharing them online, he greatly enjoys blogging about the tips and tricks to sharing great videos.

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