WordPress smileys – WP Monalisa smileys and some few others…

1. WP Monalisa Smileys

I was searching for some nice smileys for my brand new webmaster, SEO, tech and what not blog and I came accross those smileys here – WP Monalisa Smileys

Here is screenshot of it:

If you like them, you can install them on your own blog too!

Just download .zip file from here:


Extract folder wp-monalisa.1.8.zip somewhere on HDD and upload whole folder on FTP in folder wp-content/plugins/

In order to use this plugin, activate it, then go to Settings > Writer and uncheck

Convert emoticons like :-) and :-P to graphics on display

Then go to your wordpress blog and in wp-admin on left side select option wp-Monalisa and see what are shortcuts for smileys, for example 🙂 is for 🙂 or if your blog is cool like mine you can use B-)

Also, I will show you few other smiley packs:

2. Zaazu emoticons

There is a lot more of those emoticons and you can find them here:


3. Tango Smileys


That’s the link where you can find them if you like.

4. WP Smileys

Very nice WordPress smileys, here is screenshot of it:

And you can download them here:


Just press Download button and upload!

5.Speedy Smilies

Speedy smilies, here is screenshot of them:

Get them here:


I’d just 🙂 recommened B-) to not yahoosmiley using a lot of all those smileys scratchsmiley

You see it’s harder to read.  I will update this post if I found more. Post in comment link to your blog to check which one you use or recommened us good collection of wordpress emoticons!

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