SSL – Certificate of online security and trust!!

In a world, where data theft is a frequent occurrence especially when shopping online which is a major deterrent for consumers to buy products online, it is integral to assure to the customers their data and personal information is safe online from frauds and interception. This helps in successful running of your online business. When visitors don’t find signs of SSL Certificate on your website, they might just drop the idea of buying anything from your store, let alone creating an account. Let us get a lowdown on what is implied by an SSL certificate and the importance of the same in the internet world.

Meaning  of SSL Certificate

This is software that encrypts all information which is sent to and from your website and protects the valuable data from misuse by cyber frauds. Customer’s name, passwords, credit card details, etc. are secure when these are submitted to a website with a valid SSL.

Importance of SSL to safeguard consumers against online fraud

SSL Certificates protect consumers by asking for verification from a Certified Authority. A fraud can never obtain an SSL for their target domain as they cannot prove the ownership of the domain. SSL certificates ensure genuine business owners and suspicious consumers to be safe online and protect them from phishing, pharming and other cyber crimes. Attempts to purchase the domains would outwit them too. SSL also makes consumers secure in other ways.

  • No lock icon – A fake site would never have a CA attested SSL certificate and hence, such sites would never have SSL encryption. Internet users should know not to stay on a site without a padlock icon in the browser’s status bar.
  • Name Mismatch error – A pharmer sometimes receives an SSL for his authentic domain which he can misuse by using it in another fake domain created by him. As a result, visitors would be warned about the mismatch in the URL when they visit due to the mismatch with the CA attestation.
  • Untrusted CA – A pharming site may try to use a certificate issued by an untrusted CA. Here, an alert would show up in the user’s browser “The security certificate was issued by a company you have chosen not to trust.” With the above warnings, the users would discontinue their transactions and save themselves of online fraud.

Specialities of SSL certificates-

  • Completely validated
  • Can help in encrypting upto 256 bit.
  • Recognises 99 percent browsers and is flawless in identifying the fake ones
  • Customer support available
  • Covers a huge expanse of servers worldwide.

SSL Certificates – the essence of online security

It is integral for any business that the consumers should feel protected from any online forgeries and understand their information does not get compromised. This builds trust which increases your business over the internet. Hosting with SSL certificates steadfastly guarantees to protect the customer’s online data when they purchase your products. Business owners built an impassable fort around the customer’s sensitive data with SSL certificates.

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