Massage therapy in Philadelphia is gradually growing into more of standard medical service and less of a luxurious thrill. The need for a proper marketing plan is, therefore, necessary for you to ensure that you have an outstanding business reputation in the eyes of your clients as compared to your competitors.


Mistakes to avoid

  1. Forgetting to target your market

While advertising massage services, businesses in Philadelphia often forget to earmark specific clientele and end up wasting resources generalizing their targets.

Develop your strategy around the demographic and psychographic factors from your research for you to spend your precious time, and resources towards maximizing gains.

  1. Overlooking loyal clients

As you tend to excite your ‘body rub’ business on a global scale, you may end up overlooking or forgetting about already owned clients. Your diverted attention may chase them away, and it may take time before actually attracting new ones.

  1. Overpricing undervalued services

People will tend to spend more money on things they value most such as high-end exotic massages. These services are considered valuable and worth the bills. In the same way, clients who find your massage services an essential part of their regime will return to you for the quality offered and might walk away if your services are of low quality as well as overpriced.

  1. Offering unavailable services

Many a time massage parlor in Philadelphia goes overboard in their advertisements, stating unavailable services in the hope of attracting more customers. Once the clients fail to receive these charming services, they walk away leaving your business reputation on the edge.

  1. Giving the wrong idea

Sometimes your Ad show an outstanding profile but end up implanting the wrong idea in the clients subconscious by using images of unrelated content. Images used may be of naked men and women to promote your ‘body rub’ business. However, they may create a negative impression that may throw out an immoral view to some interested clients.


Helpful tips

  • Offer package deals

Clients will be intrigued to get a price break of paying for a bale of services upfront. Giving them a discount will increase your package gains as clients will line up for ‘free’ services.

  • Build your brand

Massage therapy mainly revolves around the relationship you have with your client. Your principal objective should be to connect to them to collect more from them. To stand out from your competitors, you need to try a casual tone that transforms you into a friend your clients can rely on. This is the first step to building your brand.

Establish yourself by hosting clients on your massage websites, updating them on the necessary information and encouraging them to take a day or two off and experience your special body rubs.

  • Share helpful information

Clients are good at tuning out advertisements from companies that only want to market themselves frequently through sales pitching. Give your clients something entertaining to do with your massage services that will capture their attention or rouse a particular emotion which might compel them to come back to you for more.



Follow the above tips and enchant your clients with your special body rubs or massage services that will have them racing back to you for more.



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