iPhone 7’s Photography Tips and Sharing

In case you did not know, the most crucial accessories when it comes to apple products is the iPhone’s camera. The brand hires over hundreds of engineers who keep working on the improvement of the camera. With every new release, Apple makes the iPhone an outstanding photography device. Additionally, a team from Apple makes sure to teach users how they can click lovely pictures, specifically with the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The iPhone 7 series have the best camera for the moment in the mobile industry. However, there are few differences between the iPhone 7 and its big brother, the iPhone 7 S Plus. The latter has a dual lens camera, which will also be implemented in the iPhone 8. Apple has released few video about photography tips and here they are:

  • How to shoot action photos: You simply need to hold on the shutter button, so that the burst mode is activated. After which, you just have to go to your gallery and select your preferred one. You can be sure that you have been caught in full action! Plus, if you look at all the pictures one after the other, it will be like watching the whole act in slow motion.

  • Good pictures without a flash– This one is quite simple. Find a good light spot, and turn off your flash mode. Using your finger, tap on the person in the picture to set exposure. Then, click and you will have the best pictures ever. Unlike in the flash mode, the picture will appear as natural and without revealing any imperfections.

  • How to shoot a vertical Pano: Place your iPhone in the landscape mode, and then switch it to the Pano mode. Start from the bottom, pan slowly and steadily. You will have a lovely full picture of yourself, in any background you wish.

  • How to shoot a close-up: Hold your iPhone closely to the subject you would like to shoot. You need to be at least 10 cm close to the subject. Click on focus and tap to add exposure. Then, you just need to shoot!

  • How to do a portrait: Switch your camera to the portrait mode. Keep focussing on the subject until you find the perfect depth effect. You can then shoot!

  • How to shoot backlit: Switch your camera to the HDR mode for better shadows and highlights. Touch and hold to lock the focus, and then reduce the exposure effect and you’ll get a good picture.

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