How To Make Facebook Page Without Creating A Personal Account

If you ever would like to create your own Facebook page but without creating personal account first, than to do that is easy.
Go to and in right lower corner click on Create a page.

If you are going to create a page just for fun, to present your products on facebook or simply to make a page that you will use for promoting your website, you can create  a page clicking on image in middle top. It writes : Company, Organization or Institution.

Choose a category and below type Company name that could be anything you want.

If you are planning to promote your website, blog or forum you can just type your domain as I did, without “www” part of URL. Or simply call your page anything you like.

Click Get started.

Make sure is selected.
Now just type your business e-mail, password and date of birth.

You need to verify your email after registering.

Disadvantages of creating Facebook page without creating personal account

But creating facebook page without creating personal account first have some disvantages. For example, you can’t search Facebook to find other pages or people, you can’t access applications and games, and you can’t make applications.

If you need to make applications that will be a bridge between your page and 3rd party website, then you have to create personal Facebook account first, and then you can create applications and pages.

Simply, you won’t be able to promote your pages through other pages so in that case you will have to make your personal Facebook account or maybe ask friend to lend you his Facebook account.

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