How to install webmin on VPS [CentOS 5] using SSH [Putty]

In one of posts I will explain what’s VPS and what’s difference between VPS, shared hosting and dedicated hostings.
Now, I will show you how to install webmin on VPS. Webmin is a tool that helps you manage your server, DNS, content, Apache, PHP, MySQL and other scripts that are needed for showing web sites and services and managing web servers.

1. First, you need to download Putty software.

It’s software that will help you to manage your VPS. You can download Putty here.

Download, and run.

In box under “Host name (or IP Address) you write IP address of your VPS where is it located. Click open.

Now you need to login. Usually login is root and password is password given to you by your hoster. Don’t mind if that point cursor doesn’t move while you write password.

2. Now, you need to download Webmin on your VPS.

Write this line in your Putty console and press ENTER:


Immediately, it will start downloading webmin as on picture below:

3. Wait few minutes. After is downloaded type this line of command

rpm -U webmin-1.580-1.noarch.rpm

And wait few minutes. After now you can freely visit


10000 is port that Webmin uses.
Login is usually “root” or username that’s has been given to you by your hoster and password is you used to log in Putty console.

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