How To Install Kloxo And Setup DNS On CentOS Via SSH[Putty]

If you want to manage your CentOs, Kloxo is good choice. It’s a bit different then Webmin, it uses less resources but also it offers less features. However, most things you can do using Webmin, are also doable in Kloxo Server Control Panel.

Requirements for Kloxo:

– 256 MB RAM

– 1-2 GB HDD

– CentOs 5.x 32 Bit

Let’s start ! (You don’t have to if you don’t want to)

You need a Putty.

If you don’t know what’s a Putty it’s a small software which helps you manage your VPS via SSH tunnel. Something similar to Windows Command prompt thingy.


You can download it here. If you are unsure which version, scroll down a bit until you see title For Windows on Intel x86 and then download first from the list

PuTTY: putty.exe

Run putty software so you can connect to your VPS and manage it.

Under Host Name (or IP address) type IP address of your VPS. In my example that’s

Press Open.

Now you need to login to your VPS using this console app.

Usually login is root and password is your password given to you by your hoster.

First we need to disable SE Linux.

Type this command in Putty:

su - root
setenforce 0


After SE Linux is disabled type those 2 lines of commands:

su - root
yum install -y wget

Wait a little and after wget is installed run this command:


and then this one:

sh ./ --type=master

You need to agree to Terms of Service. Type Y to accept and hit ENTER. Also it will ask you do you want to download and install InstallApp software. Press N and ENTER.

Wait 2-3 minutes. After it has been installed you can login to your Kloxo Control panel using


For example in my case it would be




After you logged in for first time you need to change your password to a stronger one.

Now you need to setup DNS

Click on DNS Templates icon and now click on Add DNS Template tab.

In primary and secondary DNS fill out your name servers, like on example below:

Now you need to create name servers. You need to log in in control panel of your domain provider (in my example GoDaddy) and in options create two name servers for your domain : ns1 and ns2 that are pointing to IP of your VPS.

(If you can’t setup it ask for help on live chat.)

It usually takes about 2 hours to create and update name servers.

After name servers are created you can use your own nameservers to point your domains on it and your name servers will point to your VPS’ IP Address.
Of course you need to add in Kloxo control panel which domain you want to host.

Here is how DNS look like simplified, it might help you understand how whole DNS system works:

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