How To Find Out If Your Domain Is Blacklisted

Lately Google is changing their algorithm a lot and I noticed that this may possibly lead to deindexing or lowering PR of a lot of domains. However, it doesn’t mean that if your domain is in some way blacklisted that it will be deindexed. It might loose rank and lost value and validity in eyes of search engines, not only necessary Google search engine.

Your domain don’t have to be deindexed at all. But it might lost value and no matter what you are trying to do, positions in SERP aren’t changing.

Maybe it’s time to remove all suspicious backlinks from content-spun websites and blog farms.

Don’t tell me you didn’t 😉

Blacklisting is simply process of marking some domain name as spammy and marking a domain that’s not valuable to visitors. Here are few ways to find out if your domain possibly lost value in eyes of the search engines:

 Unnatural Link Warnings

Recently, people that used BuildMyRank network, blog farm services got this warning(but also people that used other blog farm networks or maybe their own). It’s a really big warning and only what you can is to try to remove links from those blog farms but in my humble opinion there is not much to do. Google already noticed you like to play dirty and you usually get this message:

I think you should contact Google to take your website in consideraton but this time be honest and explain whole situation.


Blekko is a search engine that shows different results then Google would do. A lot different. They put in their blacklist and never let out again database around 3 milions of domains. If you want to find out if your domain is blacklisted simply go to blekko and search for your domain name. If your domain isn’t appearing, congratulations, your domain is promoted using black hat or at least gray hat link building methods. But you may notice that Google didn’t deindex your website. It doesn’t mean neither they they should. Be only glad that Blekko is not as big as Google and you will still get traffic from search engines (mainly Google).


But this doesn’t prove anything. I think it’s a just a way to say stop! to yourself and next time you start new website promote it using better ways. Spam won’t get you anywere, especially since Google is lately changed their alghorithm a lot. If you are not blacklisted by Google this time, you might be blacklisted in next Google Panda update.

And value of your website would be much lower.


If you use forums and discussion boards to promote your website and gain few backlinks, you might check if your IP and e-mail address you use to register on forums is blacklisted. If it is, than you also could think about better ways to gain some backlinks. However, forum backlinks are loosing a lot of value lately.

Luckily, they don’t store domain names, only IP addresses and e-mails.
SEO is all about who can spam most, but without getting caught. Hopefully all those Google updates will get us better search results.

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