How To Find .Edu Blogs And How To Build Links Smart

More and more updates by Google are incoming. I will show you how to build links but you should take some things in consideration before you start spreading your links everywhere with help of your bots, family friends, cats and dogs.

Quality is what you need, not just load of backlinks from every possible website on this planet (and maybe few others).

Quantity Quality is the key

Most of the webmaster beginners don’t care about quality of their backlinks and they think that backlink is backlink no matter from which site.

Well there are 2 terms: “backlink” and backlink.

What you need is backlink. Not “backlink” from some useless and totally worthless website.

Sometimes it is better to have only 1 (by words:one) backlink from some quality, good ranked website than getting 1000 of backlinks from some websites that are first on Google SERP, but from bottom, my friend.

Quality of backlink is what matters. Here are few factors that determine quality of backlink:

PageRank of website that backlinks to your website

Anchor text (That’s clickable text of URL that leads to your website)

However Google gives less attention to anchor text nowadays. You should use whole spectar of anchor texts and try to not sound “robotical”

– Position of backlink on page.

Best are contextual backlink. Backlink somewhere in middle of post.

– Backlinks from related websites

For example if you have website about fish tanks, use anchor texts as:

– Fish tanks here

– Cool Fish tank

– Fish tank for you

– Click here to see fish tanks

So as you can see, you indeed should use variety of anchor texts.

It’s very important to not linking to your homepage all the time. I would suggest linking 70% of the backlinks you create, to some pages of your website. For example linking to fish-tanks.html or list-of-best-fish-tanks.html

Linking to pure homepage is lame.

How to find .edu blogs

Most people say that backlinks from .edu blogs are one of best backlinks you could get.

Well that’s true since .edu blogs are very valuable in eyes of search engines.

Here are few queries you type in Google to find those:

“keyword” blog -captcha -nofollow “leave a comment” inurl:”wordpress” + “leave a comment”
“powered by wordpress” “leave a comment” “Powered by wordpress” "powered by wordpress" “leave a comment”


.edu backlinks are valuable that’s true, but you shouldn’t rely much on them.

Google is smart and most likely smarter then you would expect.

Don’t abuse it and don’t post spam comments. Post some worthy comment, something valuable and most likely your comment will be approved by admins.


On some blogs you can leave trackbacks. Those are simply comments with backlink to latest post on your blog. Those are very good and you can gain some quality traffic.

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