How To Connect 2 Computers


If you ever wanted to connect two computers there are two possible ways. First way is connecting a two (or even more!) computers using an ethernet cable. There is also one way more to connect two or more computers and it’s with the help using software.

Connecting a 2 computers in LAN/Workgroup network

Things you need:

– an ethernet cable

– router

That’s right. You can’t do this without having a router because practically you are using one IP Address that needs to be splitted on two parts. And router helps you from 1 IP address make two, magically, by attaching to each of computers one IP Address but router itself use one IP Address to connect to the internet.

It’s very easy to do if you have any knowledge about computers.

You need to plug 2 ethernet cables in router. Of course both ethernet cables should be to plugged in computers too. Than, finally plug in DSL cable in router so it could connect to the Internet. Diagram that makes whole thing more understandable:


But that’s not all. Sometimes, router simply don’t know how to automatically attach to each of computers an unique Private Network IP address. (in our cases and are IP Addresses of private Internet protocol). I will show you how to do it.

If you are using Windows XP Go to Start > Control Panel > Network connections

Now you see icons that represent types of Internet. Choose first one from list (usually it’s Local Area Connection) and right click on it.

Select Properties, scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and double click it. Here are values you should use:

Use the following IP address:

IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default Gateway:

Use the following DNS server addresses:

Alternate DNS server:

Image that might help you understand whole thing better:

But you can’t use same values for IP Address under Use the following IP Address section.

If you used on first computer then on 2nd one you should use for example. It really doesn’t matter until they are the same.

Now you need to connect two or more computers into network/workgroup or also widely known as LAN(Local Area Network)

Now click right click on My Computer, choose Properties and click on the Computer Name.


You need to do this on every computer you want to use in your network. Every computer needs to have same name for Workgroup. Once every computer you want to use is using same name for Workgroup, click on that you want to share over the Network, right click > Properties > Sharing tab

Sometimes you need to enable Network Setup Wizard.

Click on Network Setup Wizard below Network sharing and security and select Just enable file sharing and confirm it with OK.

Now every time you want to share some folder on network just right click on it > Properties > Sharing tab

After you set this option up and enabled file sharing, you can go at another computer, open My Network Places (Go to My Computer and on left side under Other places select My Network places) and activate network by clicking on View workgroup computers:

After that (wait 20-30 seconds) should show up all computers connected to your workgroup. Also, if you can’t see computers, something went wrong, probably you forgot to share folders on another computer.

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