Does Planning Really Matters For SEO?

Well I asked same question myself too. I really thought it doesn’t matter because there is no anything to make plans about, just do what you think you are supposed to do and that’s it. But it really matters. Let me explain how you should start new project (website, blog or forum).

First you are supposed to research keywords. You shouldn’t really make a website if you are not focused on certain keywords you want to reach and achieve rankings on Google SERP. Best strategy is when you start new project, from beginning you have idea what you are going to do, when you are going to do it and how is that going to affect future work.

After you have researched keywords your website should be about, you should give more attention to your content.

Most people say content is king.

And you really should focus to write good content that should be unique and link bait(that attracts other websites to link to your site). When you make new post or add new content, make sure that you link to similar topics on your site, inside linking is very important so keep track of it.

Create sitemap and update it oftenly or if you are using CMS systems, you can download plugins that will do the job for you.

In same time, keep your audience at social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, etc) updated about fresh content on your website.

If you bought brand new domain, first 3 months focus on content, and don’t focus a lot on link building. Make backlink here and there, post on social networks but mainly focus on adding fresh content.

And at end, track your progress. If you are getting your first visitors and you are getting more then you expected, you probably deserved it. And also, don’t forget something called – patience.

Free tools you can use to track your visits and ranking on Google are:

In short list should be someting like this:

  1. Research keywords for SEO
  2. Add fresh and unique content
  3. Share on Facebook, Twitter etc your content  (or even on YouTube you can make videos about certain topic and then in description put link to your website)
  4. Link Building (Blog commenting, Forum posting, article and directory submission, Guest blogging…)
  5. Be patient
  6. Progress monitoring

SEO Planning Template

Here is a basic SEO Planning worksheet that you could use. It’s really a basic one but I’m planning to make a more advanced one. Here is preview:

Tasks for month march Content Tasks Link Building Task Social Network Task Number Of UV(Unique views)
Day 1 Write a post on website Make 5 forums posts Get 100 likes on Facebook Page 90
Day 2 Write 3 Articles 140
Day 3 Write new post on website 105

I hope this may help you and give you some idea what you should do every day. Change table content to your needs depending how much time you can spend working on your beautiful website.



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  1. Of course planning matters it’s everything to succeeding when it comes to keyword research. You must know how many searches per month you are targetting!

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