8 Ways To Find Guest Bloggers

If you are into blogging for a white, you are most likely interested into driving traffic to your traffic(except if you like to feel lonely). Traffic is always welcomed(unless your website is hosted on slow responding server). Guest blogging is similar to article writing but instead of promoting your blog through article sites, you are writing articles for blogs in same niche.

Benefits of guest blogging

In my opinion (which I think that everyone should somewhat agree with this) guest blogging is best for getting traffic and link building.

Reason is, you are getting backlinks from same niche blogs and audience is targeted. Practically you can’t go wrong with this and ROI (Return on Investment) is almost 100% if you do it right.  There is also a possibility that your post is going to be spread viral so guest blogging should be your primary way to get traffic.

Lately, Google is changing algorithms a lot and guest blogging is probably in the future going to be a best way to build backlinks. Just keep your content unique, somewhat useful, not just random copy/shake-the-words/paste and understandable(don’t take this blog as example of understandable blog).

Finding (or better say hunting) guest bloggers

Problem for most people is just finding those blogs. Most of bloggers aren’t glad to let some complete stranger scrab on their beautiful and super popular blog! That’s the fact. But there is always fish in the sea (unless you are fishing in Salt sea) that are ready to accept your posts and publish them on blog!

1. Search on Google

Use Google to search for blogs of same niche as yours.

Than use contact form or in footer find their e-mail address.

Be kind and check your grammar many times because if they see your grammar sucks very well, they won’t bother replying.

Write something like this:


I’m owner of www.somesupercoolblog.com

and I’m contacting you about guest blogging.

I would ask you to publish my post on your blog and in return you would link back to my blog,


Your Name”

That’s probably best way to find blogs that would publish your content and you will find only best blogs to post your content on. It’s more matter of exchange. You post content of someone else and for exchange, and he let you publish your post on his blog.

It’s easy as 1-2-3(and sometimes 4…5…6… if you are writing in high competitive niche because sometimes people are just selfish too much.)

Nevertheless, you can try other ways and I will show you probably easiest way and that’s :


MyBlogGuest is great website to find other that are interested in guest blogging and success to make a deal is even higher.

Show that your grammar is good and link to a few of your content examples.


Forums are also another good way to find bloggers and exchange content and ideas with them. I will link you to a few:




Facebook is innovative tool that could be used. You seem more trustable there and you could connect with other bloggers. Here are few pages where you could find some of them:





Use twitter as tool to find other bloggers. In same time you could ask them about guest blogging!

Leave comments on other blogs

Simply by leaving comments like “Hi, are you interested in guest blogging?” you are raising to find someone to exchange content with. Most likely blog owner or some of readers will notice you and contact you!

Comment section

Browse other blogs and email people that left comments. They are most likely interested in some guest blogging.

Your subscribers

Most likely your subscribers are some of your competition and you might ask them if they are interested in exchanging posts. Success should be guaranteed.


What are other potential ways to find guest bloggers?


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