8 Best WordPress Plugins


One of best WordPress features are WordPress plugins that could help you manage your WordPress blog better and easier.

WP Super Cache

I think this one is must have for WordPress blog. It helps you speed up your blog. WordPress is widely known as kinda slow but this plugin is of great use. It will make a cached version of all pages of your WordPress blog.

99% of users that are visiting your blog will see static html files. That speeds up whole process a lot! I personally use this plugin and my blog couldn’t work properly without it.


This small tool will backup your wordpress database and all files located on FTP. It’s must have tool, in my opinion. Also you can select if you want files be emailed to you or hosted on FTP as .zip file. If you don’t like this one, you can look for others backup wordpress plugins, but however, you should backup your wordpress oftenly.

Yoast SEO For WordPress

This plugin is similar to AIO SEO plugin but I think it’s easier to use and it’s great for SEO beginners. There is also a video that will show you everything you should know about this plugin and guide you step by step through every feature.

TheThe Floating Bookmarks

This plugin will add bookmarks floating on your page. Bookmarks are great way to drive some traffic to your website and floating bookmarks plugin make it even better because it raises chance that user will like or share your post.

Here is how it looks like:

Add Link To Facebook

This plugin will help you save some time and every post you publish on your blog, will be automatically published on Facebook page of your blog. Every blog should have Facebook page because Facebook is tool massive used by marketers to promote their products, so you could use it too! Steps are quite simply, make Facebook app (that will be a bridge between your blog and Facebook page), than make Facebook page if you didn’t already and then set it up! Now you are ready to publish your posts onto Facebook in a second!

Google Sitemap Generator

If you know what sitemap is, then you probably know that you are in need of sitemap generator. Sitemap is almost must have for every page and it helps Google track your pages and posts. If you update your blog oftenly it will help Google index your pages faster and result of it, more visits from Google Search Engine!

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This plugin is excellent! And it’s free! All good things are free. Except having a girlfriend! It cost you some money for a rose :rose: Jokes aside, this plugin stops 99% of spam bots. I had to install this bot simply because I used to get like 100 spam comments a day and it was boring me to remove them. This plugin add small box that user needs to check if he wants to post a comment. It looks something like this:


AnyFont is a plugin that will let you use any font on your WordPress blog.

Simply download it, upload it, activate and you will see in sidebar AnyFont. First you need to install font, create styles and select in Settings on what type of text you want to use this font.


  1. I would like to try Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. I was flooded with a lot of spams everyday and I hate it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey thanks for these plugins. I’ll check out The Flosting Bookmark and Growmap Antispam bot. It is about time Akismet had competition.

    Can I suggest another couple of cool plugins for your blog. I really like Share and Follow for social bookmarking, and WP Touch is like an essential if you want your blog to work on mobile devices.

    Finally, I’d recommend using http://searchwpplugins.com as the best way to find free plugins. Check it out.

  3. Thanks for sharing! However I prefer All in One Seo Pack, as it seems more flexible (and simple) for me.

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