6 Free Polls For Your Website/Blog


Probably at least once you got an idea to ask what your visitors/users like or even more better, what they don’t like or you wanted to see their opinions about different subjects, so you were in need of an online pool. Online pools are really great way to interact with your visitors. I did a small research and I found few really great, but free, online poll softwares for your websites. Only what you need to do is embed a small piece of code into your page and you are good to go!

So here are polls I’m talking about:

1. PollDaddy.com

This one is my favourite. You need to register to use it. Design is really neat and clean. Aside from polls, you can also make surveys, quizes and ratings. Also more insight features about visitors that voted are available. They have some premium features that you can pay for if you want of course. It’s about 200$ or more per year.

Here is how default poll design looks like:

You can change design of poll. You can even make custom designs.

2. EasyPolls.net

EasyPolls.net is basic one. For this one registration is needed too.  Here is how it looks like:  

3. Webpoll.sparklit.com

This one requires registration and offers free and gold(paid) features. You can change design and look of poll a lot. You can choose if you want radio buttons, checkboxes or drop down and many other options. Here is how free one looks like:



Here goes question?


Answer 1
Answer 2

4. Booroo.com

Registration is needed. Free and paid options available. This one offers catchy features – Randomize Answer Order

That’s really nice feature because makes poll more accurate. Here is how looks one I just made:



Untitled Poll

Answer 1

Powered by BooRoo.com

Answer 10%
Answer 20%
Answer 30%




 5. CreateFreePolls.com

This one is really nice site and finally one that doesn’t require registration. Making polls wasn’t never easier! Here is design for you guys:


6. PollCode.com

This is one that doesn’t require registration. It’s fast to make a poll. Here is how it looks like:


Type your poll question here:

pollcode.com free polls 




I hope you liked at least one of those free polls that you can use. Feel free to use them any time! Don’t mind if is design a bit different then original, my CSS is messing with it, polls are pretty much similar to those you would get if you generate code. Tell me which one you like the most? But this time in comment section bellow, not in poll 🙂

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