Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Traffic

So I see a lot on webmaster forums or fiverr marketplace, people offering super cool targeted traffic!

But when you look closely that traffic isn’t worth at all. It’s not even worth those 5$. Why?

Because all that traffic (I’m talking about those sellers who offers like 10 000 UV for ONLY 5$! is coming from those sources:

– Bots

Bot is simply a piece of software which is used to open your website in default browser. But what’s benefit? Benefit is only +1 more UV shown up in Google Analytics. Nothing more, nothing less. Bots traffic is equal to buying fog.

– Traffic Exchange

Some people uses traffic exchange websites to gain credits. After they earned some credits, they can spend it and in exchane for every single credit they get one visit to their website. That’s human driven traffic but all those surfers aren’t interested in landing pages, they just want to earn credits. You will get views but ROI is equal to 0(zero).


PTC is very similar to traffic exchange and also its very unquality way to gain some traffic. Clickers are clicking for credits or for 0.001$, not because they are interested in your website, remember that.

– Software

People code various software, like auto surfing scripts which uses proxies. Views are coming from different views but traffic is absolutely useless because real human didn’t see your website. Only a computer.

So I wouldn’t recommened to you buying traffic. At least, if you want to buy some, buy traffic from Facebook fan pages. They are worht a bit.

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