SSL – Certificate of online security and trust!!

In a world, where data theft is a frequent occurrence especially when shopping online which is a major deterrent for consumers to buy products online, it is integral to assure to the customers their data and personal information is safe online from frauds and interception. This helps in successful running of your online business. When visitors don’t find signs of SSL Certificate on your website, they might just drop the idea of buying anything from your store, let alone creating an account. Let us get a lowdown on what is implied by an SSL certificate and the importance of the same in the internet world.

Meaning  of SSL Certificate

This is software that encrypts all information which is sent to and from your website and protects the valuable data from misuse by cyber frauds. Customer’s name, passwords, credit card details, etc. are secure when these are submitted to a website with a valid SSL.

Importance of SSL to safeguard consumers against online fraud

SSL Certificates protect consumers by asking for verification from a Certified Authority. A fraud can never obtain an SSL for their target domain as they cannot prove the ownership of the domain. SSL certificates ensure genuine business owners and suspicious consumers to be safe online and protect them from phishing, pharming and other cyber crimes. Attempts to purchase the domains would outwit them too. SSL also makes consumers secure in other ways.

  • No lock icon – A fake site would never have a CA attested SSL certificate and hence, such sites would never have SSL encryption. Internet users should know not to stay on a site without a padlock icon in the browser’s status bar.
  • Name Mismatch error – A pharmer sometimes receives an SSL for his authentic domain which he can misuse by using it in another fake domain created by him. As a result, visitors would be warned about the mismatch in the URL when they visit due to the mismatch with the CA attestation.
  • Untrusted CA – A pharming site may try to use a certificate issued by an untrusted CA. Here, an alert would show up in the user’s browser “The security certificate was issued by a company you have chosen not to trust.” With the above warnings, the users would discontinue their transactions and save themselves of online fraud.

Specialities of SSL certificates-

  • Completely validated
  • Can help in encrypting upto 256 bit.
  • Recognises 99 percent browsers and is flawless in identifying the fake ones
  • Customer support available
  • Covers a huge expanse of servers worldwide.

SSL Certificates – the essence of online security

It is integral for any business that the consumers should feel protected from any online forgeries and understand their information does not get compromised. This builds trust which increases your business over the internet. Hosting with SSL certificates steadfastly guarantees to protect the customer’s online data when they purchase your products. Business owners built an impassable fort around the customer’s sensitive data with SSL certificates.

Looking for more info regarding SSL Certificate? Visit:

Uploading On YouTube Takes Forever? This Should Speed Up Uploading

If you ever tried to upload something on YouTube, you might notice that uploading is extremly slow.

Sometimes it takes 10 minutes of waiting just to see that your video isn’t uploaded more than 1%. I will share with you this trick that should speed up the process of uploading videos on YouTube service.



So, this is easy. Here are steps to speed up processing if you are using Windows 7:

1. Click on Start > Control Panel > Network and sharing center

In sidebar on left side select Change adapter options

Right click on LAN connection and select Properties
…and uncheck Qos Packet Scheduler.

Like on image below:


If you are using Windows XP go to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections

From there, right click on connection you are using and select Properties


Now uploading videos on YouTube should be a lot faster. Likewise, you can try using older youtube uploader found here:

Do you know better way to speed up uploading YouTube videos so uploading videos on YouTube shouldn’t take so much time.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Traffic

So I see a lot on webmaster forums or fiverr marketplace, people offering super cool targeted traffic!

But when you look closely that traffic isn’t worth at all. It’s not even worth those 5$. Why?

Because all that traffic (I’m talking about those sellers who offers like 10 000 UV for ONLY 5$! is coming from those sources:

- Bots

Bot is simply a piece of software which is used to open your website in default browser. But what’s benefit? Benefit is only +1 more UV shown up in Google Analytics. Nothing more, nothing less. Bots traffic is equal to buying fog.

- Traffic Exchange

Some people uses traffic exchange websites to gain credits. After they earned some credits, they can spend it and in exchane for every single credit they get one visit to their website. That’s human driven traffic but all those surfers aren’t interested in landing pages, they just want to earn credits. You will get views but ROI is equal to 0(zero).


PTC is very similar to traffic exchange and also its very unquality way to gain some traffic. Clickers are clicking for credits or for 0.001$, not because they are interested in your website, remember that.

- Software

People code various software, like auto surfing scripts which uses proxies. Views are coming from different views but traffic is absolutely useless because real human didn’t see your website. Only a computer.

So I wouldn’t recommened to you buying traffic. At least, if you want to buy some, buy traffic from Facebook fan pages. They are worht a bit.

How To Find .Edu Blogs And How To Build Links Smart

More and more updates by Google are incoming. I will show you how to build links but you should take some things in consideration before you start spreading your links everywhere with help of your bots, family friends, cats and dogs.

Quality is what you need, not just load of backlinks from every possible website on this planet (and maybe few others).

Quantity Quality is the key

Most of the webmaster beginners don’t care about quality of their backlinks and they think that backlink is backlink no matter from which site.

Well there are 2 terms: “backlink” and backlink.

What you need is backlink. Not “backlink” from some useless and totally worthless website.

Sometimes it is better to have only 1 (by words:one) backlink from some quality, good ranked website than getting 1000 of backlinks from some websites that are first on Google SERP, but from bottom, my friend.

Quality of backlink is what matters. Here are few factors that determine quality of backlink:

PageRank of website that backlinks to your website

Anchor text (That’s clickable text of URL that leads to your website)

However Google gives less attention to anchor text nowadays. You should use whole spectar of anchor texts and try to not sound “robotical”

– Position of backlink on page.

Best are contextual backlink. Backlink somewhere in middle of post.

- Backlinks from related websites

For example if you have website about fish tanks, use anchor texts as:

- Fish tanks here

- Cool Fish tank

- Fish tank for you

- Click here to see fish tanks

So as you can see, you indeed should use variety of anchor texts.

It’s very important to not linking to your homepage all the time. I would suggest linking 70% of the backlinks you create, to some pages of your website. For example linking to fish-tanks.html or list-of-best-fish-tanks.html

Linking to pure homepage is lame.

How to find .edu blogs

Most people say that backlinks from .edu blogs are one of best backlinks you could get.

Well that’s true since .edu blogs are very valuable in eyes of search engines.

Here are few queries you type in Google to find those:

“keyword” blog -captcha -nofollow “leave a comment” inurl:”wordpress” + “leave a comment”
“powered by wordpress” “leave a comment” “Powered by wordpress” "powered by wordpress" “leave a comment”


.edu backlinks are valuable that’s true, but you shouldn’t rely much on them.

Google is smart and most likely smarter then you would expect.

Don’t abuse it and don’t post spam comments. Post some worthy comment, something valuable and most likely your comment will be approved by admins.


On some blogs you can leave trackbacks. Those are simply comments with backlink to latest post on your blog. Those are very good and you can gain some quality traffic.

8 Best WordPress Plugins


One of best WordPress features are WordPress plugins that could help you manage your WordPress blog better and easier.

WP Super Cache

I think this one is must have for WordPress blog. It helps you speed up your blog. WordPress is widely known as kinda slow but this plugin is of great use. It will make a cached version of all pages of your WordPress blog.

99% of users that are visiting your blog will see static html files. That speeds up whole process a lot! I personally use this plugin and my blog couldn’t work properly without it.


This small tool will backup your wordpress database and all files located on FTP. It’s must have tool, in my opinion. Also you can select if you want files be emailed to you or hosted on FTP as .zip file. If you don’t like this one, you can look for others backup wordpress plugins, but however, you should backup your wordpress oftenly.

Yoast SEO For WordPress

This plugin is similar to AIO SEO plugin but I think it’s easier to use and it’s great for SEO beginners. There is also a video that will show you everything you should know about this plugin and guide you step by step through every feature.

TheThe Floating Bookmarks

This plugin will add bookmarks floating on your page. Bookmarks are great way to drive some traffic to your website and floating bookmarks plugin make it even better because it raises chance that user will like or share your post.

Here is how it looks like:

Add Link To Facebook

This plugin will help you save some time and every post you publish on your blog, will be automatically published on Facebook page of your blog. Every blog should have Facebook page because Facebook is tool massive used by marketers to promote their products, so you could use it too! Steps are quite simply, make Facebook app (that will be a bridge between your blog and Facebook page), than make Facebook page if you didn’t already and then set it up! Now you are ready to publish your posts onto Facebook in a second!

Google Sitemap Generator

If you know what sitemap is, then you probably know that you are in need of sitemap generator. Sitemap is almost must have for every page and it helps Google track your pages and posts. If you update your blog oftenly it will help Google index your pages faster and result of it, more visits from Google Search Engine!

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This plugin is excellent! And it’s free! All good things are free. Except having a girlfriend! It cost you some money for a rose :rose: Jokes aside, this plugin stops 99% of spam bots. I had to install this bot simply because I used to get like 100 spam comments a day and it was boring me to remove them. This plugin add small box that user needs to check if he wants to post a comment. It looks something like this:


AnyFont is a plugin that will let you use any font on your WordPress blog.

Simply download it, upload it, activate and you will see in sidebar AnyFont. First you need to install font, create styles and select in Settings on what type of text you want to use this font.

How To Connect 2 Computers


If you ever wanted to connect two computers there are two possible ways. First way is connecting a two (or even more!) computers using an ethernet cable. There is also one way more to connect two or more computers and it’s with the help using software.

Connecting a 2 computers in LAN/Workgroup network

Things you need:

– an ethernet cable

– router

That’s right. You can’t do this without having a router because practically you are using one IP Address that needs to be splitted on two parts. And router helps you from 1 IP address make two, magically, by attaching to each of computers one IP Address but router itself use one IP Address to connect to the internet.

It’s very easy to do if you have any knowledge about computers.

You need to plug 2 ethernet cables in router. Of course both ethernet cables should be to plugged in computers too. Than, finally plug in DSL cable in router so it could connect to the Internet. Diagram that makes whole thing more understandable:


But that’s not all. Sometimes, router simply don’t know how to automatically attach to each of computers an unique Private Network IP address. (in our cases and are IP Addresses of private Internet protocol). I will show you how to do it.

If you are using Windows XP Go to Start > Control Panel > Network connections

Now you see icons that represent types of Internet. Choose first one from list (usually it’s Local Area Connection) and right click on it.

Select Properties, scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and double click it. Here are values you should use:

Use the following IP address:

IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default Gateway:

Use the following DNS server addresses:

Alternate DNS server:

Image that might help you understand whole thing better:

But you can’t use same values for IP Address under Use the following IP Address section.

If you used on first computer then on 2nd one you should use for example. It really doesn’t matter until they are the same.

Now you need to connect two or more computers into network/workgroup or also widely known as LAN(Local Area Network)

Now click right click on My Computer, choose Properties and click on the Computer Name.


You need to do this on every computer you want to use in your network. Every computer needs to have same name for Workgroup. Once every computer you want to use is using same name for Workgroup, click on that you want to share over the Network, right click > Properties > Sharing tab

Sometimes you need to enable Network Setup Wizard.

Click on Network Setup Wizard below Network sharing and security and select Just enable file sharing and confirm it with OK.

Now every time you want to share some folder on network just right click on it > Properties > Sharing tab

After you set this option up and enabled file sharing, you can go at another computer, open My Network Places (Go to My Computer and on left side under Other places select My Network places) and activate network by clicking on View workgroup computers:

After that (wait 20-30 seconds) should show up all computers connected to your workgroup. Also, if you can’t see computers, something went wrong, probably you forgot to share folders on another computer.

8 Ways To Find Guest Bloggers

If you are into blogging for a white, you are most likely interested into driving traffic to your traffic(except if you like to feel lonely). Traffic is always welcomed(unless your website is hosted on slow responding server). Guest blogging is similar to article writing but instead of promoting your blog through article sites, you are writing articles for blogs in same niche.

Benefits of guest blogging

In my opinion (which I think that everyone should somewhat agree with this) guest blogging is best for getting traffic and link building.

Reason is, you are getting backlinks from same niche blogs and audience is targeted. Practically you can’t go wrong with this and ROI (Return on Investment) is almost 100% if you do it right.  There is also a possibility that your post is going to be spread viral so guest blogging should be your primary way to get traffic.

Lately, Google is changing algorithms a lot and guest blogging is probably in the future going to be a best way to build backlinks. Just keep your content unique, somewhat useful, not just random copy/shake-the-words/paste and understandable(don’t take this blog as example of understandable blog).

Finding (or better say hunting) guest bloggers

Problem for most people is just finding those blogs. Most of bloggers aren’t glad to let some complete stranger scrab on their beautiful and super popular blog! That’s the fact. But there is always fish in the sea (unless you are fishing in Salt sea) that are ready to accept your posts and publish them on blog!

1. Search on Google

Use Google to search for blogs of same niche as yours.

Than use contact form or in footer find their e-mail address.

Be kind and check your grammar many times because if they see your grammar sucks very well, they won’t bother replying.

Write something like this:


I’m owner of

and I’m contacting you about guest blogging.

I would ask you to publish my post on your blog and in return you would link back to my blog,


Your Name”

That’s probably best way to find blogs that would publish your content and you will find only best blogs to post your content on. It’s more matter of exchange. You post content of someone else and for exchange, and he let you publish your post on his blog.

It’s easy as 1-2-3(and sometimes 4…5…6… if you are writing in high competitive niche because sometimes people are just selfish too much.)

Nevertheless, you can try other ways and I will show you probably easiest way and that’s :


MyBlogGuest is great website to find other that are interested in guest blogging and success to make a deal is even higher.

Show that your grammar is good and link to a few of your content examples.


Forums are also another good way to find bloggers and exchange content and ideas with them. I will link you to a few:


Facebook is innovative tool that could be used. You seem more trustable there and you could connect with other bloggers. Here are few pages where you could find some of them:


Use twitter as tool to find other bloggers. In same time you could ask them about guest blogging!

Leave comments on other blogs

Simply by leaving comments like “Hi, are you interested in guest blogging?” you are raising to find someone to exchange content with. Most likely blog owner or some of readers will notice you and contact you!

Comment section

Browse other blogs and email people that left comments. They are most likely interested in some guest blogging.

Your subscribers

Most likely your subscribers are some of your competition and you might ask them if they are interested in exchanging posts. Success should be guaranteed.


What are other potential ways to find guest bloggers?


How To Find Out If Your Domain Is Blacklisted

Lately Google is changing their algorithm a lot and I noticed that this may possibly lead to deindexing or lowering PR of a lot of domains. However, it doesn’t mean that if your domain is in some way blacklisted that it will be deindexed. It might loose rank and lost value and validity in eyes of search engines, not only necessary Google search engine.

Your domain don’t have to be deindexed at all. But it might lost value and no matter what you are trying to do, positions in SERP aren’t changing.

Maybe it’s time to remove all suspicious backlinks from content-spun websites and blog farms.

Don’t tell me you didn’t ;)

Blacklisting is simply process of marking some domain name as spammy and marking a domain that’s not valuable to visitors. Here are few ways to find out if your domain possibly lost value in eyes of the search engines:

 Unnatural Link Warnings

Recently, people that used BuildMyRank network, blog farm services got this warning(but also people that used other blog farm networks or maybe their own). It’s a really big warning and only what you can is to try to remove links from those blog farms but in my humble opinion there is not much to do. Google already noticed you like to play dirty and you usually get this message:

I think you should contact Google to take your website in consideraton but this time be honest and explain whole situation.


Blekko is a search engine that shows different results then Google would do. A lot different. They put in their blacklist and never let out again database around 3 milions of domains. If you want to find out if your domain is blacklisted simply go to blekko and search for your domain name. If your domain isn’t appearing, congratulations, your domain is promoted using black hat or at least gray hat link building methods. But you may notice that Google didn’t deindex your website. It doesn’t mean neither they they should. Be only glad that Blekko is not as big as Google and you will still get traffic from search engines (mainly Google).


But this doesn’t prove anything. I think it’s a just a way to say stop! to yourself and next time you start new website promote it using better ways. Spam won’t get you anywere, especially since Google is lately changed their alghorithm a lot. If you are not blacklisted by Google this time, you might be blacklisted in next Google Panda update.

And value of your website would be much lower.


If you use forums and discussion boards to promote your website and gain few backlinks, you might check if your IP and e-mail address you use to register on forums is blacklisted. If it is, than you also could think about better ways to gain some backlinks. However, forum backlinks are loosing a lot of value lately.

Luckily, they don’t store domain names, only IP addresses and e-mails.
SEO is all about who can spam most, but without getting caught. Hopefully all those Google updates will get us better search results.

How To Install Kloxo And Setup DNS On CentOS Via SSH[Putty]

If you want to manage your CentOs, Kloxo is good choice. It’s a bit different then Webmin, it uses less resources but also it offers less features. However, most things you can do using Webmin, are also doable in Kloxo Server Control Panel.

Requirements for Kloxo:

– 256 MB RAM

– 1-2 GB HDD

– CentOs 5.x 32 Bit

Let’s start ! (You don’t have to if you don’t want to)

You need a Putty.

If you don’t know what’s a Putty it’s a small software which helps you manage your VPS via SSH tunnel. Something similar to Windows Command prompt thingy.


You can download it here. If you are unsure which version, scroll down a bit until you see title For Windows on Intel x86 and then download first from the list

PuTTY: putty.exe

Run putty software so you can connect to your VPS and manage it.

Under Host Name (or IP address) type IP address of your VPS. In my example that’s

Press Open.

Now you need to login to your VPS using this console app.

Usually login is root and password is your password given to you by your hoster.

First we need to disable SE Linux.

Type this command in Putty:

su - root
setenforce 0


After SE Linux is disabled type those 2 lines of commands:

su - root
yum install -y wget

Wait a little and after wget is installed run this command:


and then this one:

sh ./ --type=master

You need to agree to Terms of Service. Type Y to accept and hit ENTER. Also it will ask you do you want to download and install InstallApp software. Press N and ENTER.

Wait 2-3 minutes. After it has been installed you can login to your Kloxo Control panel using


For example in my case it would be




After you logged in for first time you need to change your password to a stronger one.

Now you need to setup DNS

Click on DNS Templates icon and now click on Add DNS Template tab.

In primary and secondary DNS fill out your name servers, like on example below:

Now you need to create name servers. You need to log in in control panel of your domain provider (in my example GoDaddy) and in options create two name servers for your domain : ns1 and ns2 that are pointing to IP of your VPS.

(If you can’t setup it ask for help on live chat.)

It usually takes about 2 hours to create and update name servers.

After name servers are created you can use your own nameservers to point your domains on it and your name servers will point to your VPS’ IP Address.
Of course you need to add in Kloxo control panel which domain you want to host.

Here is how DNS look like simplified, it might help you understand how whole DNS system works:

How To Install Drivers In Windows XP Or Windows 7

Installing drivers on Windows XP is very easy and similar to installing drivers on Windows 7.

There are few ways how to install drivers.

Installing drivers

1. Original drivers

If you bought brand new computer or laptop you probably got CD with it, in package. Insert CD in computer and wait few seconds. It should auto run. If not then go to My Computer and click twice on CD Drive.

Usually what happens is to show you a small window where you can choose do you want to install drivers or eventually read PDF document.

2. Manually updating drivers using Device Manager

You can manually install drivers using Device manager.

Go right click on My Computer > Properties.

Click under Hardware tab and then click on Device Manager. You should see a small window pop ups like this:


If you see a yellow mark similar to those on image from above, then that means a driver is missing.

Right click on yellow mark > Properties.

In new small poped up window click on Details and in scroll down menu select Hardware Ids

Now you will see something like this:


As you can notice, I marked this line:


VEN stands for Vendor. Vendor code of this device is 14F1

DEV stands for device and code of this device is 2c06

Now to find driver for certain device navigate to this page:

And you will see small box for Device Search. There you should type your Device code. In my case that’s 2c06

After you pressed Search you should see small table like this:

Device Id Chip Description Vendor Id Vendor Name
0x2C06 Conexant HD Audio SoftV92 Data Fax Modem with SmartCP 0x14F1 Conexant


Now everything you need to do is go to Google and search for your Chip Description. In my case that’s Conexant HD Audio SoftV92 Data Fax Modem with SmartCP.

Now in search results you should get links from where you could download your driver. Most websites that offers drivers are or drivers vendors websites.
If you are still unable to find a driver you should go back to and now, this time, search for Ven Code.

In my case that would be 14F1.

You should see this time name of Vendor/Manufacturer of this driver.

And now simply search on google for this vendor and they should offer drivers on their support page.

After you downloaded drivers, run them and install. Don’t forget to restart computer ;)

2. Drivers packs

Sometimes happens that some drivers are very hard to find. Usually that happens when is some older device inserted in your computer. You could search on Google for drivers packs. For example if you are missing graphics drivers, search on Google for graphics drivers packs.

On that way you can download a lot of drivers packs. Download as much as you can. Then extract all of them on one folder and burn on CD or DVD Drive.

Then go to Device Manager > Right click on missing driver

Click on Update driver.

Select No and then select 2nd option, once more Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)

Insert your CD or DVD you just burned your files on and make sure that Search removable media (floppy, CD-ROM..) is checked.

Wait a while and installing should begin if device driver is found on CD or DVD Drive.

Backuping drivers and restoring them

Best what you can do to save your drivers and your time is backup drivers before you start with installing Windows XP or Windows 7.

You can backup your drivers by downloading DriverMax software from here.

Download and install that software,run it.

Click Menu > Driver Backup And Restore > Backup Drivers

and now you should see something like this:

Click on Backup and select Backup all drivers (or Backup selected drivers only if you want to save certain driver).

Wait a while.

Now you should have in My Documents > Drivers a small .zip file with your drivers saved.

Save it on CD or DVD.

Next time you reinstall Windows XP or Windows 7 just install DriverMax software and select Restore drivers from backup.

Click Load in right bottom corner and find your .zip file with drivers inside.